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Diminishing reserves coupled with growing world-wide demand for oil & gas is driving the development of a wide range of emerging technologies to facilitate recovery from low-permeability geologic plays.  As a result, service companies increasingly need access to state-of-the-art technologies to remain competitive.  We have extensive experience designing, manufacturing, and supporting a range of products and services that incorporate emergent technologies into products and services for oil & gas markets.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your oil & gas technology needs.

EM MWD telemetry allows directional drillers to obtain critical data without use of a wire-line connection.  EM systems deliver a higher data rate than existing mudpulse telemetry allowing wells to be completed faster.  Our experience with the design and fielding of EM MWD systems allows us to understand and address key needs and make the right technology and design trades to ensure system performance.

Industrial electronics are subjected to higher environmental demands than consumer systems.  Electronic systems used  oil & gas markets are exposed to environments that are considered harsh even by industrial standards.  We have the staff and experience to allow us to meet rigorious design requirements for systems that not only meet technical performance specifications, but  do so while operating  at extremely high temperatures.

Collecting System safety data is a particularly challenging activity.  We have experience designing and supporting safety data collection systems for use on drilling platforms that meet these needs.  

Our extensive experience in product designs that incorporate new technologies, rugged electronics, industrial safety, and superior performance supporting drilling are also used to leverage system design in oil & gas completion markets.  


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