Advanced directional drilling technology to minimize cost and maximize penetration rate

When you buy your first upgrade package, just ship us a mud pulse kit and we will integrate it with your tools at our facility free of charge.  At that time, you can also send your employees and we will provide hands-on installation training and a documentation package so you can complete future upgrades yourself.  Alternatively, for a small fee per kit, our technicians will continue to provide turn-key upgrades if you prefer.

What sets the Drill Dog MTS Apart from older Dual Telemetry Systems:
  • Intelligent Channel Coding - proprietary digital modulation encryption scheme which provides increased aggregate receiver sensitivity and greater noise rejection. Incorporates proprietary “noisy channel” encoding algorithms to encrypt the uplink signal packets. Allows the Drill Dog tool to operate deeper in unfavorable formation lithologies at much lower uplink power as compared to other EM telemetry systems thus maximizing battery lifetime and reducing trips for tool related issues.

  • Asynchronous EM downlinks - allows tool adjustments (e.g. telemetry/survey sequences, uplink power, data rate, ICC mode, etc.) to be made during connections. Async EM downlinking allows the MWD operator to optimize the MWD tool operation without incurring NPT.

  • Intelligent Transmitter Control - utilizes proprietary adaptive algorithms to optimize the way power is delivered into the formation by the EM downhole Power Amplifier (PA). ITC allows the downhole PA to provide real-time, adaptive compensation to accommodate dynamic downhole conditions including variable transmit antenna loads caused by drilling through non-homogeneous formation lithologies and/or inversion from brine to oil-base drilling fluids. ITC also works well in underbalanced applications during transitions from mist/foam to brine/oil-based drilling fluids. The Drill Dog ITC PA is designed to deliver maximum rated power to antenna loads ranging from dead-short (e.g. inside casing) up to 70 ohms (e.g. oil-base mud in a limestone formation) and up to 50% of maximum rated power for loads in excess of 150 ohms with a maximum output power of 50W (EM Only) and 30W (mixed telemetry) and a maximum output voltage of 45V rms.

Drill Dog MTS supports:

  • Generic variables 

  • Generic controls

  • Raw data surveys

  • Tool retrievability

  • Asynchronous Surveys via EM query downlinks - No need to resync or cycle pumps on missed surveys or check-shots; just downlink then drill ahead.

  • Modular Tool Interface Bus - high-speed CAN-bus running the length of the tool string allowing easy and flexible sensor expansion including shock/vib, azimuthal gamma, and dynamic inclination.
    Robust, time-stamped data logging in tool - including survey raw data, temperature, battery AH/voltage/current, system faults, etc.

The Drill Dog MTS is:
  • A high data-rate, mixed telemetry MWD system that delivers leading-edge performance and technical innovation at a cost-effective price point.

  • Optimized for operation in harsh drilling environments, such as the Permian Basin, where aggressive drilling is needed for maximum ROP.

  • Purposely designed for operation in challenging non-homogeneous formation lithologies.  The MTS is calibrated to maximize drilling efficiency in all mixtures of brine and oil-based muds as well as in under-balanced mist/foam applications without reconfiguration of the downhole tool string or BHA.

The Drill Dog MTS benefits:
  • Faster Surveys. Pumps down EM surveys are made during connections minimizing Non-Productive Time (NPT). EM doesn't require resync or pump cycling for lost surveys. Just make the connection then drill ahead.

  • Higher Aggregate Data Rate. Combining EM and MP communications channels allows data rates of up to 18 bps. High-speed EM channel allows toolface/gamma updates every 3-4 seconds.

  • Superior Reliability. Provides downhole redundancy, reducing trips for tool or formation issues. EM tool has no moving parts and is lost circulation and LCM tolerant.

  •  High speed asynchronous data telemetry permits different data sets to be independently broadcast on MP and EM uplink channels to maximize drilling data acquisition speed.

  • Increased ROP. While sliding, the EM channel achieves higher TF updates and faster check-shots making building curves and drilling tangents faster, easier, and more accurate even in the most demanding well geometries.


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