Drill Dog Technology

Intelligent Channel Coding (ICC)

  • This technology uses proprietary "noisy channel" encoding algorithms to encode uplink packets.

  • Using ICC increases the aggregate receive sensitivity of the surface receiver, which in turn provides increased operational depths due to the ability of the surface receiver to recover much smaller received signals.  

  • ICC greatly improves immunity to communications channel "burst noise" which helps to increase the Surface Receivers signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) which also translates to deeper operational depths.

  • Provides "on-the-fly" adjustment of the spectral content of the EM-uplink signal to maximize channel throughput and avoid stationary ambient noise sources.



Multi-mode Surface Receiver (MMSR)   

  • "Modally agile" receiver which automatically adjusts to the ICC content sent from the Downhole Tool. 

  • The MMSR allows the Downhole tool to autonomously make adjustments to the ICC channel content without intervention from the MWD operator or the necessity for a reverse communications channel. 

  • This gives the Surface Receiver much greater noise immunity than a conventional, non-agile, single-mode EM receiver which translates into better performance in unfavorable EM formations.


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