We can help you with every facet of testing and automation

Whether you are just embarking on the design of a new product or you need to support a system that has been in production for years, we can help you define your test requirements and turn those requirements into a complete test system uniquely designed to meet your needs.  Our engineering staff is experienced with a wide range of test and measurement equipment, test protocols, bus structures, programming languages, and every other skill base necessary to fully address the challenging requirements of testing modern electronic and electromechanical systems.  We can provide you with a fully documented turnkey production test system often at a much lower cost than you would expect by leveraging our existing core module designs and experience base.  Your system can be a stand-alone factory test unit, or a networked system of production testers that not only test your product, but also log and report important production information as well.  Contact us about your specific needs today.

electromagnetic (EM) telemetry systems n pl: systems of collecting downhole data that produce low-frequency electromagnetic waves to facilitate high-speed transmission of data through the formation to and from the surface


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