E-Spectrum is a leading provider of affordable automated test system design, modification, software development, upgrades, and manufacturing.  Our experienced staff has developed custom automated test solutions for use in government and industrial manufacturing and repair facilities throughout the world.  Contact us about your testing requirements.

We can develop fully automated systems to meet your precise specifications and test requirements.  From simple electronic assemblies to complex electro-mechanical systems, we can work with you to ensure that automated testing meets your manufacturing, end-of-line, quality, or diagnostic/repair requirements.  Let one of our test engineers work with you to define a system that will meet your needs while also maintaining your budget.

Programming automated testing is a unique task that requires skill in modern programming practices as well as a thorough understanding of test methodology, fault isolation, and systems engineering.  Our staff has the capability to develop the entire suite of analyses, documentation, interface hardware, and actual test code to meet your specific test needs.  We can provide a full range of language support and options from simple go/no-go software to fully automated diagnostic test programs used to isolate and low-level failures in critical repair processes.

Aging & Surveillance is a highly specialized multidisciplinary approach to the analysis, assessment, and investigation of systemic problems and anticipated failures in critical electronic and electromechanical systems.  These sciences are used to proactively identify and develop solution alternatives to address age or environmentally driven failure modes before they are manifest in system performance at a statistically significant rate.

Data acquisition equipment, production systems, industrial controllers, process instrumentation, and automated test lines all fall within our experience base in the field of designing, maintaining, and modifying data and automation systems.  We can work with your engineering team to develop a new system, or help you upgrade and maintain a legacy system.  We can support your existing design team with specialized requirements or provide a complete turnkey solution depending on your individual needs.



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